A flurry of hotel room bookings has pushed the Warner Hilton LAX to add room nights to the WhedonCon block to make sure that no one misses out on staying at the venue for the convention. An intimate convention by design, WhedonCon is able to offer rare and unique opportunities to interact with Whedonverse actors, writers, and behind-the-scenes crew the likes of which don’t exist anywhere else. So for guests who haven’t made up their mind about staying with us, here’s why you don’t want to miss out:

1. Don’t Miss A Thing! The exciting WhedonCon programming goes late into the night. Last year featured late-night Caritas Karaoke. This year will see a repeat of Caritas Karaoke and the glamorous Prom at the Bronze dance, where fans and stars alike party in fancy clothes or cosplay costumes until after 1:00 in the morning.

2. Save Your Energy! The WhedonCon schedule is packed. If you need a break between panels or before the big dance, there’s nothing more relaxing that popping off to your room for room service or a quick nap so you can feel more refreshed than ever!

3. The Facilities are Great! The Hilton LAX is home to two restaurants, a bar, a gym, and rooftop pool, all of which are open late. Your friends are all going swimming. Don’t be the dry guy. (Also, did we mention that room service? Seriously. Don’t miss out.)

4. Enjoy the Event to the Fullest! The price of your WhedonCon Membership includes access to after-hours parties in suites and ballrooms throughout the hotel.

5. Relax a Little! Save on the cost and stress of LA freeways and parking by leaving your car in one place for the weekend. Forget about gas, traffic, and looking for a spot and focus all your energy on being at the con.

6. Make Mornings Simpler! Accidentally slept in? Don’t worry about it! All you have to do is roll out of bed to attend our exciting panels or roam the Sunnydale Mall.

7. Explore a New Area! The Hilton LAX is at a convenient location, surrounded by a large selection of restaurants and shops.

8. You Can Afford It! Worried about the cost? The hotel is giving WhedonCon attendees a discount of 32%, making your stay too good to pass up! Plus, up to four people can share a room. Everybody loves a slumber party!

9. Embrace the FOMO! You never know who you’ll run into at the hotel. Why waste time commuting when you could be sleeping under the same roof as your favorite actors and writers?

10. Save Us All Some Money! By staying at the official WhedonCon hotel and booking through our website, you help the convention to keep the cost of admission down.